The majority of our sales are made through eBay, on 'no reserve' auctions. This means that our inventory is constantly refreshed and gives our customers the opportunity to bid what they think is a fair price. Sometimes things make less than we expect, sometimes more!


Payments can be made one of two ways:

1. By cash on collection, if collecting in person within 7 days of the early of invoice date and auction end date

2. By Wire Transfer within 7 days of the early of invoice date and auction end date

Paperwork accompanying vehicle

All of vehicles come with four pieces of paperwork, as follows:

1. An invoice, including vehicle description, VIN #, your details and our details

2. A Canadian Title Document

3.  Completed and stamped US Customs Paperwork Form 7501

4. Completed & signed DOT HS-7 Form

Border Crossings

All of our vehicles are sourced from Canada. We then store them just north of the border until they are sold. Once sold, we take the vehicles across the border to our yard in Montana for you to collect, or for your preferred shipper to collect for you. 

The process of moving the vehicle across the border to Montana is taken care of by us and fully paid for by us. You will incur absolutely no further charges above and beyond what you pay for the vehicle..

There is certain border paperwork that is necessary for this process and for that we use a professional customs broker by the name of Cole International USA Inc. They operate with complete confidentiality and any of your personal information, that we supply them with for this process, is treated as such.


Should you wish to have your new (old) vehicle shipped, then let us know and we can put you in contact with our preferred shippers. These shippers are familiar with us, our inventory and our location. They are also very reasonably priced. 

If you decide to use an alternative shipper, please make them aware if the vehicle is a 'non-runner' and, therefore, will require a winch for loading and unloading. We are not responsible if you book a shipper who is incapable of loading the vehicle.

Due to the nature of what we do, we are often on the road in search of new vehicles, so please be sure to make us aware of your shipping/collection arrangements ahead of time, so that we can arrange to be there. 

Obtaining your US Title

In order to obtain a US Title for your vehicle you will need to take the three pieces of paperwork, listed above, to your local DMV office. The DMV are familiar with this process and it will come at no additional cost to you. The process is very straightforward when dealing with domestic vehicles over 25 years old.