1954 Mercury M350


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Condition: Used

Year: 1954

Mileage: N/A

Engine: Flathead V8

Drive Type: RWD

Exterior color: Green

Interior color: Green

Warranty: None

Running: Yes

Title: Clean Manitoba


1954 Mercury M350 Deluxe (Ford F350) Pickup Truck. This is an un-restored barn find truck. The original Flathead V8 is complete and runs. A very good candidate for a full restoration due to rarity, running motor and very minimal rust.


It has a remarkably solid, mostly rust free body. There is zero rust around the headlamp areas of the front fenders which is very nice to see on this era Ford/Mercury truck. The only rust appears to be the passengers side cab corner where it is rusted through and also some very minor rust on the lower cowl between the door and fender which is common on this era Ford truck. This is all extremely minor for its age and other than this the cab is extremely solid. The floorboards are very impressive and remarkably solid. The door bottoms are also rust free. The running boards are in good shape with no rust. The all important and very hard to find Mercury tailgate was missing but we have sourced the correct 53-56 long bed tailgate as can be seen in the photos but unfortunately someone has cut the ends off it. This could be used though to fabricate a readily available Ford tailgate into a Mercury tailgate so we will offer it to the winning bidder for an additional $250. All emblems are present and in nice condition. There are a few typical farm work related dents on this truck. It has the typical dump bed (hoist) that many 1 ton and larger prairie farm trucks of this era were fitted with. This is why the bed sits slightly higher than factory. The dump bed mechanism can be removed though and the bed re-mounted at its factory height. Overall this is a good solid and original example of a very rare 1954 Mercury M Series Deluxe pickup truck.


The interior is complete, clean and in good condition for its age with a nice instrument cluster.


This truck runs but the radiator hoses are dry cracked and leak. The fuel pump will also need attention or replacing. I got it to start and run though and drove it around the yard, it shifts into all gears and has a good clutch. The brakes do not work. All tires hold air.


Due to the much smaller Canadian market, Ford of Canada only sold approximately one tenth as many trucks as Ford did in the US and around two thirds of those were Ford's leaving the remaining third to be Mercury's. So very few of these trucks were produced and it is becoming much harder for us to source nice original and complete examples such as this. Due to Canada's harsh climate only a handful remain today. 1954 was the lowest production number year for Mercury trucks followed by 1955. This is due to huge wheat surpluses for the first time since before the war causing farm incomes to rapidly decline in 1954. This in turn had a huge affect on Canadian farmers purchasing trucks due to wheat being Canada's largest agricultural commodity. This wasn't such an issue out east so you will find more 54/55 Mercury trucks out east but the trouble is they are all severely eaten away by rust. It is very seldom that you see 54/55, especially 54's out west where the climate is much kinder to the body's making this a very special find. We've had an abundance of 1953 Mercury trucks but this is only the second 1954. 


This will make a great project being that it is a very rare truck with very little rust to contend with and in untouched original condition. It deserves bringing back to life. Selling with No Reserve to the highest bidder. Please be aware this vehicle likely requires a full restoration so no warranty is implied or given. We describe these vehicles as thoroughly as possible with detailed photographs as we are aware the majority of buyers are a long way away. You are more than welcome to view the truck, have it inspected and request as many photos as you like before the auction ends.